Free As A Bird bakery is an online bakery catering to those with food allergies, intolerance, or just those that want to live a healthier lifestyle. All of our products are gluten-free, dairy- free and yeast-free and many of our products are vegan. (dairy-free, casein-free, and egg-free). The majority of our products are made with unrefined sugars that are gentler on your body and we never use chemical sweeteners or preservatives. I make everything from scratch and use only the purest and freshest ingredients. I currently offer cakes, cupcakes, cookies, muffins, and tortes. I am continuously experimenting with new flavor combinations and my list of products continues to grow.

About Me

I have always had a passion for cooking and baking, but chose to pursue my other passion of wildlife and the environment as my career. I received my master’s degree in wildlife ecology, moved to Flagstaff, and have been working as a wildlife ecologist for over 10 years. This baking venture really began in 2005 when I discovered that I was gluten, yeast, and dairy intolerant. This meant eliminating a wide variety of foods from my diet and not just breads, pastas, and pastries, but also cheeses, ice cream, and all alcohol. Of course, as typical with most people, as soon as I was told that I couldn’t eat these things they were all I wanted. Although there have been amazing improvements in the gluten-free baking-world over the past couple of years it was still challenging to find decent gluten-free and dairy-free baked goods and especially difficult when I added on yeast-free and vegan. Since I had always enjoyed baking cookies and cakes over the years, I gradually began the search for gluten-free recipes and the various flours I could use to satisfy my longing for homemade treats. I have spent years trying many recipes and experimenting with various flour combinations and dairy and egg substitutes. I spent time with professional bakers and learned many tips for producing tasty gluten free and vegan baked goods. After much experimenting, I was able to succeed in producing baked goods that I couldn’t tell were gluten free and vegan and I was eager to share these goodies with others. I was encouraged by my family and friends to open a bakery because my baked goods were a hit at every potluck.